TruAir brings 15+ years of Test & Balance experience to the Triangle

We have a proven track record of: Optimizing Thermal Comfort, Improving IAQ, and Increasing HVAC System Performance and Energy Efficiency.

TruAir Balance

Meet Design Specifications

TruAir's certified technicians are outfitted with the industry’s most advanced test equipment to complete your projects on time & on budget. With our "Rapid Report Turnaround Guarantee", our clients can and do obtain their Certificate of Occupancy promptly.

<span>Meet Design Specifications</span>

Optimize Indoor Air Quality

Let our qualified team at TruAir tailor a TAB plan that helps you identify and address issues that compromise indoor air quality, ensuring a healthy, productive and comfortable environment for staff and customers.

<span>Optimize Indoor Air Quality</span>

Improve Energy Efficiency

TruAir's comprehensive approach and methodology to whole system balancing, help you identify and correct inefficiencies that lead to premature equipment failures, enlarged carbon footprints, and higher operational costs.

<span>Improve Energy Efficiency</span>

"Thanks to TruAir, we were able to pinpoint and fix hydronic flow issues, resulting in significant energy savings."

Jack Parker

Join the list of satisfied customers who made the right choice to trust TruAir.

“TruAir helped us ensure our building met all the necessary specifications and building codes. They provided great communication, professionalism, and timeliness which made for a pleasant customer experience throughout all phases of the project. ” - Zane Martin

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